A bunch of nuts run 125km thru Alberta with a custom-minted coin, call it Death Race

Death Race brings brave souls to AlbertaPalehorsevq7_medium

This coming August 2 and 3 is the ninth North Face Canadian Death Race. From the article:

The Death Race plays on the Greek myth of Charon, the ferryman who ushered the souls of the dead across the river Styx and into Hades for a fee of one gold coin per soul.

Oh. Well that's kind of a letdown. What about this coin?

Each of the 1,000 or so entrants will receive a specially minted coin they must take with them as they make their way through the rugged mountain terrain surrounding Grande Cache.

Racers must have their coin to cross the Smoky River near the end of their trek. Losing the coin means instant disqualification.

You don't say? What is the penalty for disqualification? Is it... death? I'd guess not. They've got a juicy hook to this story, though:

One of the earliest winners of the gruelling, 125-kilometre running race was former Edmonton resident Nik Southwell. He had his eyes on the prize, but Southwell forgot to take in enough food and fluids along the way, says Dale Tuck, one of the event's founders.

Instead of dropping out, Southwell persevered and won the men's solo race, collapsing at the finish line. His kidneys shut down and he was rushed to hospital and put on dialysis.

Won the race, but losing the game...


Supposedly the net elevation gain is more than 5,180 metres and the total elevation change is 6,500 feet. (pause while I do some Canadian math) That's 3.2 and 4.04 Earth miles, respectively!

The team names are pretty tame by uncommon sports standards, nothing nearly as good as OTL:

Death Race teams have a habit of giving themselves colourful names. The list of teams entered for this year's race includes Fat, Old and Slow; Stupid is as Stupid Does 1; Wheezing Flatlanders; The Bunion Sisters; Four Hags and a Troll; and This is Gonna Hurt Tomorrow!

Did you know that Canadians like to use extra u's? Me euither.

If you're interested in festivities, there is a weekend party called Deathfest "featuring children's entertainment." Now if I were to ask you, "Hey, there's a party going on called Deathfest that includes children's entertainment: Guess which country?", would you have ever picked Canada?

Also at Deathfest, "Canadian blues-rock legend David Wilcox and country artists Doc Walker and The Road Hammers."

lol wut? Canada has country music?



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