San Diego Derby Dolls Bout!

Last week, SD Steve and I were at the Tilted Kilt for an event with 619 Sports. In addition to the San Diego Sockers Indoor Soccer team being in attendance, the local roller derby team was there -- The San Diego Derby Dolls. Lucky for Steve and I, the girls were nice enough to give us free tickets to attend their next bout (yes, they really call it a bout) at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

And with that, we have the following report, complete with blurry action pics and some video!


For those who aren't familiar with it or who didn't see Drew Barrymore's Whip It, roller derby is an awesome sport where girls race around a track on skates and beat the crap out of each other while doing it. Seriously, it rules. Speaking of rules, you can view the rules of the game here at the Derby Dolls website. They do a much better job of explaining it than I ever could.

The event itself was very well-attended, with people supporting both teams sitting at floor level or in VIP bleachers. There was never a dull moment with some sweet music pumping coupled with the nonstop action of girls skating and getting all kinds of nasty with each other. Very un-ladylike. Below are the blurry pics I promised.


Warming up before the craziness begins



A view of the hot buttery action from the floor



Late in the bout, the Derby Dolls came back from a double-digit deficit. This really got the crowd going and the Dolls were able to capitalize on that energy and secure the victory over the visiting team from Silicon Valley. Here's the last jam in video form, it's a fun 2 minutes:


When it was over, members of both teams mingled and shook hands, showing off the camaraderie that comes with such an intense sport. Here's a pic of both teams looking sweaty, scary, and sexy all at the same time:



I also was able to finagle a pic with one of the combatants, a very nice Derby Doll named Slamurai. She is best-known for her butt block, according to her bio. If that doesn't get you excited to go see roller derby in person, I don't know what will.

I'm now Slamurai's #1 fan



The next bout for the Derby Dolls is January 23rd against Arizona, again in Del Mar. Buy some tickets or I'll sick Slamurai on you and she'll butt-block you to death (not kidding).

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