Uncommon Sports are the best to see live

Rick Reilly of the hated ESPN got to thinking and posted his 10 Best Sporting Events to See Live. You know what I noticed? We're technically SBNation's official blog on the majority of these sports. Now, this article says it's due in their print magazine in like 10 days, but print is dead so here goes:

10. Home Run Derby: I know this is going to cause a controversy, but you know what? I'm planting the Uncommon flag on the Home Run Derby. It's baseball, and FSM knows SBNation has that covered, but there's no blog about the Home Run Derby. You've got your stat geeks, your gossip girls, your men weirdly obsessed with younger men, and your stat geeks weirdly obsessed with young men. Score 1 for Uncommon.

9. Iditarod: Dogsleds through ice; are you kidding? Back off, UW Dawg Pound, we own this. Put another Uncommon on the board.

8. Ryder Cup: Golf is a pretty uncommon sport. An avian-themed game wherein a Tiger dominates all competition. Thankfully, this sport is covered by the able folks over at Waggle Room, which sounds like it should be the name of the SBNation blog about the Nintendo Wii, because if you left it to us, well... look around.

7. Yankees vs. Red Sox at Fenway: Yawn. Typical ESPN. Covered by Pinstripe Alley and Over the Monster.

6. America's Cup: Sailing, y'all. Just try to find a site about sailing on SBNation. You won't, this one is ours. Lookout LandingBuc's Dugout? Buc 'Em? Don't make me laugh. Uncommon all the way!

5. Tour de France: Mistakenly, we had been covering cycling, but the people who know what they are doing post over at Podium Cafe.

4. North Carolina vs. Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium: College basketball. Covered only at Carolina March because Duke is probably too afraid to show their faces here.

3. Wimbledon: Tennis? That's right. This one is ours. I know, it's news to me, too.

2. Kentucky Derby: Horse racing. Yep, ours, too. I know you'd think FakeTeams on account of all the horsies and ponies, but it's ours.

1. Masters: Another golf thing. This one is in Augusta, Georgia, and I must say, since it's not igniting old continental rivalries, I'm happy to let Waggle Room handle it.


With a final score of Uncommon 5, Waggle Room 2, and the rest 1 more than a dead man or less, Uncommon is the clear winner. There you have it, I've spoiled Rick Reilly's article and offended the rest of SBNation at the same time. Now, about covering all these sports I've claimed....

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