We're on the board! U.S. Curling Gets First Wins!

"replace skip, win match" via nbcolympics.com

Both the men's and women's U.S. curling teams finally got a win today! The men benched their skip John Shuster because he's been shooting like... like someone who doesn't know what the hell he's doing, that's what. Replacing Shuster was not Vernon Davis, but alternate Chris Plys. Davis, however, remained supportive of his teammates, standing cheering for them at the appropriate times of the match. 

The women secured a victory on skip Debbie McCormick's last rock and overall shooting 82 percent for the match, five percentage points above the U.S. average. That's getting it done when the chips are down. The U.S. Curling Team stands collectively at 2-7 after four days of competition in the round robin tournament. Tomorrow the women take on Great Britain and the men face Sweden. Photos and links after the jump.


John Shuster, riding the pine. 


Shuster getting condolences or sabotage orders from the Norwegians.



  • United States Curling Association - USA steals win from France
    Desperate for a win, the U.S. coaching staff shook up the lineup and for the moment it paid off as the American men picked up their first victory Friday afternoon 4-3 over France at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games at the Vancouver Olympic Centre.
  • United States Curling Association - USA women earn first win
    The traditional definition of Inukshuk translates to mean you are on the right path. Here in curling the Inukshuk logo is centered in the middle of the house and guided Debbie McCormick's Team USA to its first victory Friday morning here at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.
  • Shakeup works as U.S. men grab first win | NBC Olympics
    Benefiting from a lineup change and the cheers from honorary captain and 49ers tight end Vernon Davis, the U.S. men curlers captured their first Vancouver victory, rallying late against France for a 4-3 win.
  • Video | Vernon Davis is a curling fan | NBC Olympics
    Honorary U.S. curling captain and San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis says he respects the energy and time that goes into the sport and still has hope for the American rink.
  • Vernon Davis is in the house | NBC Olympics
    Vernon Davis is in the house. The Pro Bowl tight end from the San Francisco 49ers gave the Americans a quick pep talk and a much-needed morale boost and the men went on to defeat France and earn their first win of the competition.

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