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Confessions of a Krispy Kreme Challenger: Part 1

We told you earlier about the Krispy Kreme Challenge. Well, we've found a competitor who's willing to give us a peek into his life as he aims to complete the Krispey Kreme Challenge in under an hour. We'll get some photos from the day of, but for now, here's his first entry as he works out a strategy for what it'll take to finish in under an hour:

4 miles and a Baker's Dozen for Charity

4 miles, 12 doughnuts, 1 hour.  No problem.

While this feat may sound like a daunting task to lesser competitors, my belly growls in anticipation.  4 miles is an average 0630 daily run for this Soldier.  Every 6 months I must pass the APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) with a run time of less than 17:00 for 2 miles.  My last test the first week of November was about 15:50 and that was with no training for about 2 weeks beforehand.  Now, that may not be Roger Bannister speed, heck even my girlfriend is a full 2 minutes faster than me, but I figure no more than a 9 minute mile pace (overestimate) gets me 36 minutes just for the run portion.

Now that leaves 24 minutes for a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  That's a full 2 minutes per doughnut.  Now I will admit, this is going to be less time than I've had before, but I wasn't previously going against the clock.  11 Taco Bell steak soft tacos in 44 minutes (January 2003) stacks up favorably in terms of calories, but the meat and protein definetly gave it a higher gross weight.  The 78 McDonald's Chicken Nuggetts (old school nuggets) (March 2003) fell short of my 100 goal, but I'd like to see one of you get there.  Anyways, the eating portion should be relatively easy, and if its looking good I'll even make it a baker's dozen for all you blog subscribers.


Two minutes per donut seems a little bit leisurely to me. I'm hoping that by race day, Towle has decided to shave some time off by eating those donuts a little bit quicker. I don't expect him to bust a dozen donuts in 90 seconds, but let's shoot for getting those first couple down in about 10 seconds apiece.

More as it arrives!