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Purina Incredible Dog Challenge

I'm fresh from watching the Chargers upset the Colts and I finally get to watch some incredible dogs. Look at these dogs go. I'm going to post accordingly.

...First up is the obstacle course. Jasmine the Border Collie is rocking this course.

...What do you write about when watching dog competitions? I just realized that I have nothing to say except, "Man. That dog did that quick," and "I wonder how quick I could do that?"

...I think I'm most looking forward to the Jack Russel Terrier hurdle race. Though the steeple is great with Border Collies. The one dog got frustrated and broke out of the posts earlier. That dog is BLIND... IN ONE EYE!!!

...The dog that was blind in one eye was last year's champ and he lost and I didn't catch who the new winner was. This might be the most uninformative and unnecessary live blog ever.

...WOAH! The pitbull won! If only Michael Vick had focused his energies on making pitbulls catch discs. Maybe this is what underground dog fighters should be doing. Underground flying disc challenges.
...Hurdles. I like the one dog in the first race not even going over the hurdles. Shouldn't that dog get bonus points for realizing the hurdles are just in the way? Oops. Except in the third race all the dogs run off course. This is mayhem.

...I like freestyle disc. I'm watching this rescued pitbull. This pitbull is like when criminals discover an artistic talent while in prison. All you have to do is focus your energy in a positive way.