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Mavericks Big Wave Contest

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2008 Mavericks Champion Crowned:

IT'S OFFICIAL - Following an insane Final Heat on a truly classic Mavericks Contest Day, Greg Long wins the 2008 Mavericks Surf Contest.  Congrats to Greg -- The new Mavericks Champion!


There is just something about photos from Mavericks that gives me a sickening feeling in my stomach.  It's not like other surf contests that have glassy waves and clear blue tropical water.  Those contests that have waves with nice shoulders and chicks in bikinis waiting for you on the beach so they can lei you.  Mavericks is different.  Water temperatures in the low 50's or high 40's with dark foreboding, heavy, monstrous waves exploding behind tiny little surfers in thick wet suits, hoods and booties.  Nothing waiting for you on shore but Granola Chicks that haven't showered yet this year wearing your dad's flannel shirt.  It just looks miserable, I can't believe people do this sort of thing for fun.


If I was out in waves like that I'd...

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  • 18%
    pee in my wetsuit and then shred
    (3 votes)
  • 81%
    meet my end in a watery grave
    (13 votes)
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