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The Amazing Race Finale!

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That truly was... an Amazing Race!

I've watched probably about four seasons of the Amazing Race.  I missed the first one and then saw probably about three in a row.  I enjoyed them, though there was always a bunch of jerky teams that only seem to exist in reality TV / Sport.  I quit watching it when CBS and its stupid executives brought other reality stars and half witted celebrities into the race.  They completely ruined the show.

When will they learn that we want to see ourselves in the people they choose for the race? we don't want to see drama queens and attention whores.

This season was by far the very best.  They went back to the basics of what made the amazing race good.  Seeing exotic places, meeting interesting and stimulating people of ancient cultures and racing through their cities with careless abandon in a race for $1 million.

The finale was awesome.  The father/daughter team started in first place but everybody was bunched together on their flight from Taiwan to Anchorage, Alaska.  From the airport they went to a sporting goods store where they got some supplies.  They took the supplies to a detour where they had to either fillet huge ass fish and find a clue inside or find a one crab out of a few hundred that had a little Amazing Race bracelet on it's leg.

TK and Rachel chose to find the crap.  I've faced many crabs (down there) but never so ferocious as those that they had to search.  They were pinched at and I was seriously afraid that somehow Rachel would be disfigured.  I pleaded with my TV, "Don't let anything happen to Rachel!"

Luckily Nick and Don forgot to pick up their supplies so they had to go back to the sporting goods store, buying our favorites TK and Rachel a bit of time.  Nick and Don eventually caught up and the race was close again.  Father and Daughter were in first place by about 25 minutes and the other two teams were about 5 minutes apart.

They raced to some speed boats, where they were driven to a glacier.  They climbed the glacier with ice picks and crampons.  At the top of the glacier they took helicopter rides to the most confusing of challenges.

The challenge was seriously confusing for the players and viewers alike.  They had all of these items from each leg of the race.  They had to put them together in a certain order using their memory of the trip.  Everybody was in a dead heat.

Somehow, Rachel in the cutest way possible, was the first to finish.  She kept herself calm (and cute) and put her team in first place.  The teams raced to some whorish looking salmon statue and then went to the finish line.

TK and Rachel won the race, the game of love and $1 million.  Father and Daughter came in second and Nick and Don finished third.  Don was the oldest person to ever complete the Amazing Race at 69 years of age.

Awesome show, awesome season, cute winner and an Amazing Race!  Wowee!