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Marathon Running, Black Belt Wearing, Kung Fu Gripping, Tennis Player chases down and holds Burglar

Marathon runner says she caught suspect after break-in at her Lighthouse Point home via Fark:

mmmmm... girl

A would-be burglar met his match when he tried to elude Margo Foster, a marathon runner with a black belt in karate who also knows kickboxing and kung fu, police said.

Margo Foster comes back to her home in Florida after a game of Tennis.  She sees a burglar in her house taking her stuff.  She bolts after him through a window and chases him seven blocks before taking him down.  He tried to climb a 7 foot tall fence and she yanked him off and put her knee on his chest.

The two struggled for a few minutes, Foster in her white tennis skirt, before the burglar dropped the bag and started running again.

"Go ahead and run," the former yacht detailer said she yelled. "You're not going to get away from me. I've been running for 40 years."

Gregory St. Germain is the 24 year old burglar who got owned by a 53 year old woman that thinks she's batman.

"I outran the kid," said Foster. "He had no cardiovascular system."

We salute you Uncommon Sportswoman.