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Uncommon Sports Bullets

We're headed into the Olympics at which time uncommon sports everywhere will get their day in the Beijing sun. Here are some notes about all that jazz...

...Lucid Rawlesness has a series explaining women's artistic gymnastics. To me, gymnastics should be based on the "dang-yo" factor. In other words, if I'm watching, count up the number of times I go, "daaaaang, yo!" and then elbow the person next to me while wagging my eyebrows. The most dang-yos wins.

...I once read a statistic that estimated China's population at 1.3 billion, give or take about three hundred million. That three hundred million is, of course, right around the population of the United States, which means that at any given time, China wouldn't be able to keep track of everybody in America. That being said, I wonder that reports of six Chinese workers have died in work related to the Olympics. Is that definitely six or is it six give or take seven or eight million!?

...Here's an article about how the Olympics are great for obscure sports lovers. Tell me something I didn't know, dude.