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Welcome to Uncommon Sportsman!

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Our favorite sports argument topic has always been, "Is [blank] a sport?"

Is gymnastics a sport? Does that make ballroom dance a sport? What about competitive eating? Why is Spelling Bee on ESPN? Is spelling a sport? Are we competing in a sport as we speak?

Perhaps more fascinating than even that question is the question of, "Why would anybody devote that much time to doing [blank]?"

Professional athletes in the "big" sports have the lure of fame and/or fortune. Then there's everybody else.

That's the theme of Uncommon Sportsman. We're going to learn a little bit more about all those random sports that don't attract steroids and gambling scandals and crowds of thousands of psycho fans. You want to talk about people doing it for the love of the game? We'll truly find those people, because frankly, there's really no other reason for them to do what they do.

At times, it may sound like we're making fun of these people. At those times, we probably are making fun of those people. But we like to think that we're laughing with them instead of at them. Face it. If you're the type of person who tries to catch catfish by sticking your arm into an underwater hole, hoping for a 40 pound bottom feeder to latch on and not drown you before you can haul it into a bucket, then you have to be able to laugh at yourself a little bit.

So if you want coverage of sports that you won't find on other Sports Blog Nation sites, bookmark this blog. If you want to read about professional darts, competitive eating, spelling bees, cup stacking, parkour, American Gladiators, radball, Over-the-Line, lawn bowling, various things involving Frisbees, or anything that requires the use of domesticated animals, then add us to your RSS feed reader. If you want to learn about uncommon sportsmen (sportspeople?), then you're at the right place.