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Limbo skating world record measured in cars

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I'm not sure why limbo skating's world record is measured in cars. It seems to me that anything to do with the limbo should be measured in increments of length between the ground and some point on your body. If you're looking at how long one could limbo, one could measure it in yards or meters or some other unit of length. However, when it comes to figuring out the world record holder for limbo skating, they count up the number of cars one is able to pass under. Somebody needs to buy a ruler.

Aniket Chindak is the best limbo skater in the world. He holds the world record with 57 cars passed under. Here's a photo, from the Metro, of young Chindak passing under a car. It's a little creepy:

When the bikini team happened by, Chindak's world record attempt came to a sudden and painful halt

Aniket's planning on breaking his own record by skating under 100 cars. According to the article, he covers 60 miles, twice a week (or to the rest of us, 120 miles, once a week). Most of us don't drive that far in a week, much less roller skate with our private parts less than an inch from the ground.


Is Limbo Skating a sport?

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  • 80%
    Yes. Anything that puts your testicles in that much danger is a sport.
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  • 20%
    No. It's just an interesting way to check the alignments on 57 cars in one pass
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