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Is Speed Dating a Sport?

Is Speed Dating a sport?  It certainly has many characteristics of a sport.  Let's look at this subject a little more in depth.

Speed Dating originated to help Jewish singles to meet and marry.  The first event started in 1998 and then it showed up on Sex in the City and people went ape sh*t for it, and why not?  People love sporting events.

People usually register ahead of time and event planners try to get an equal number of men and women to make fair "teams".  Some services allow walk ons to join in the fun in order to round out the teams as well.  It's kinda like a game of pick up baseket ball except you don't play basketball you actually pick up to play... pick up.  Does that make sense?  Well you get the point.

  • Speed dating has a time limit like other sports
  • Each interval ends with a bell ringing like in boxing
  • People register for the event like races
  • 'Love' is a score like Tennis
  • You need strategy to succeed
  • Playing with balls is encouraged
  • You use large muscle groups
  • Each participant is trying to score

So what do you think?  Is Speed Dating a sport?


Is Speed Dating a Sport?

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  • 55%
    Yes, because it's sexy
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  • 44%
    No, a sport is grown men wrestling
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