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Is Bloody Knuckles a sport?

I think we all know the basics of playing bloody knuckles. Basically, you and an opponent take turns trying to hit each other's knuckles. Turns out there's an association...

What is the World Bloody Knuckles Association?

The Commissioners of World Bloody Knuckles Association have created a set of rules, standards, and guidelines for the age old sport of Bloody Knuckles. The WBKA maintains these rules and encourages players to form teams, leagues, and host tournaments nationwide using the WBKA rules.

Hmmmm... So far, so good. But is it a sport? Before you say no, realize that one of the things that makes a good sport is an excessive number of rules, which the World Bloody Knuckles Association obviously knows. On the flip side, included in those rules is the "Strip Bloody Knuckles" variation, which may negate any "legitimate sport equity" that Bloody Knuckles had earned. I leave it to you, the reader.


Is bloody knuckles a sport?

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  • 69%
    Yes. With that many rules, there must be a sport in there somewhere
    (9 votes)
  • 30%
    No. An excessive number of rules does not a sport make
    (4 votes)
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