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Disc Golf Landmark "Shoe Tree" Falls

Shoe Tree Toppled:



Like the Colossus of Rhodes before it, another great wonder of the world has fallen... the Shoe Tree of Morley Field. Those of you not familiar with Morley Field, let it be known that it is one of the finest Disc Golf courses in the Western world.

Legend has it that the shoe tree started with a bet. The loser of the disc golf game had to toss his shoes into the branches.

By yesterday afternoon, all that was left of the shoe tree was a single branch and a 6-foot stump. It looked as if the stump had been pushed over; the base was still attached to its roots.

All of the shoes were gone, but there were two pairs of laces – one turquoise, the other white – strung around the branch. And what looked like a black handkerchief was actually a pair of Victoria Secret panties.

"Somehow that's appropriate," a nearby golfer remarked.

Finding a pair of panties in the tree is appropriate? Hmmm.

That shoe tree meant a lot to Disc Golfers. Hippies, after all, love trees. They hug them. But the Shoe Tree meant something extra special to this disc golfer. On a summer evening when most of the other Disc Golfers crept into the bushes to smoke out, I walked amongst the trees. There in the gloaming I saw a figure standing beneath a leafless tree covered in shoes. It was hard to make out her identity in the shadows but her eyes caught the last light of the sky. There beneath the tree I made sweet love to her with only the sound of the wind blowing the sneakers together like muted wind chimes. It is a time that I'll always cherish. When it came time to pay her, I took her underwears against her wishes and threw them in the tree so that she'd always remember me. I'd like to think that she does. Maybe today when she undoubtedly heard that the shoe tree fell, she'll think of me, like I thought of her.

So, yes "nearby golfer" it is appropriate in some weird way.