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Amazing Race Season 13 Episode 4

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Amazing Race Season 13 Episode 4

Behind the scenes the Divorcees confronted the Brother/Sister team because Brother/Sister tried to make them U-Turn during a challenge.  Honestly I can't even remember why they were originally fighting.  Is it because Starr through Divorcee's sports bra off the hotel?  Get over it already.  Later at the airport Ty and Aja tried to stir up some drama by arguing with each other, nobody cared.

The teams were instructed to fly to Auckland, New Zealand.  There was only one flight and all the teams were tied again.  They land in New Zealand and get rental cars.  Terrence and Sarah are the newly dating couple.  Terrence is a little b*tch and asks Sarah to run her hands through his hair and comfort him while he's driving.  Are you kidding me? Who is this guy?

On the way to the first challenge at the Harbor, Ty and Aja get a flat tire.  Ty has never changed a flat tire before.  He ends up laying on the ground just staring at the tire, they eventually show him trying to jack up the car, but the team gives up and flags down a passing motorist to help them change the tire. 

At the Harbor the teams have to untie this big knot and on the inside is a clue to their next destination.  The teams have a choice of doing the first of two Fast Forwards in the race.  The Fast Forward says that a team has to climb to the top of the Auckland Skytower.  Ken and Tina, the former football player and his wife decide to take the Fast Forward.  If they complete the challenge they can go straight to the pit stop ahead of the other teams.  The Frat guy team also tries to go to the Fast Forward but when they realize that Ken and Tina are already there they give up.

The remaining teams follow their clues to Mount Eden where they have to match a design to a tattoo on the face of a Maori warrior.  The best part was when one of the Blonde girls keeps trying to grab a clue and the Warrior keeps scaring her away.  The Divorcees make a bad decision and walk up the hill instead of driving their car to the top.

The new clue leads them to a top of building where there are a set of Binoculars for each team.  They have to scan the city for a Gnome statue.  The statue has another clue on the bottom.

When the teams find the Gnome it gives them the choice of stomping on Kiwi to make kiwi juice or to drive blokarts (go karts powered by a sail).  Most teams attempt to make Kiwi juice first but the rocks underneath the kiwis are two sharp and making juice is difficult.  The majority of teams back track and try the blokarts instead.  The Divorcees and Terrence and Sarah have no problem creating the juice for some reason.  The Divorcees even have fun, I bet they were imagining they were stepping on their ex-husbands testicles.

Brother and Sister team Nick and Starr turn back and try the BloKarts.  Starr who is actually very attractive in this episode crashes several times and thinks she might have broken her arm.

All the teams head for the Pit Stop and Ken and Tina arrive first because of their Fast Forward.  They are greeted by the host Phil and his dad who are both from New Zealand.  In last place was my second or third favorite team the South Carolina Blondes.  They really seemed to be having fun on the race which in turn made them fun to watch, but now they are gone!

Next week the Divorcees start making fun of Dallas' hair.