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Need an extra challenge to your jog? Try a rabid fox.


Note: That's not actually the rabid fox in question, but a photographic representation of the extra challenge via

I'm not much of a jogger. A professor of mine once said that she doesn't like to run unless something is chasing her. For people like us, perhaps running with a rabid fox attached to our arms would give extra incentive

The unidentified Chino Valley resident told deputies she was on a trail Monday at the base of Granite Mountain when the fox attacked, biting her foot. The woman said she grabbed it by the neck when it went for her leg and it latched onto her arm.

Thinking the fox was rabid, she wanted to make sure it didn't get away so she ran to her car, where she was able to pry open its jaws, wrap it in a sweat shirt and toss it into the trunk.

I have a little bit of a hard time visualizing how she carried a rabid fox while running to her car, which is why I have the utmost respect for her athletic ability.