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Amazing Race Season 13 Episode 10

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Amazing Race Season 13 Episode 10 Recap

The race starts with all the teams finding a retired Russian Nuclear Sub and getting a clue onboard. Then it's off to a city park in Moscow that has a bunch of Communist statues. One member of the team has to walk around and count the number of Stalin and Lenin statues. Once they get the number they take a cab to a book store, tell the clerk the number, then use the number to find a page in the book that has an address for them. It was actually a pretty complicated challenge.

Dallas was completely lost, he couldn't keep his Lenin and Stalin statues straight. Kev made a good point about this challenge. Dallas' mom totally should have done this part of the challenge. She was tired running up to the park and insisted that her son do it, but she could have taken her time walking around and counting and been in good condition again pretty quickly.

Dallas ends up waiting outside the bookstore for his time penalty because he can't get the count right. Eventually he gets into a cab but leaves all his money and his passport in the cab. He and his mom are so screwed.

They quickly fall into last place as they beg for money and mope around Moscow.

The rest of the teams take subways and buses around the city until they reach the end.

Here's video of Team Dandrew dancing:

Can I just say that Nick and Starr have this million dollars all wrapped up? I can't imagine the frat boys or the old football guy and his wife beating them. Nick and Starr are going to run away with the money. They'll have to edit the footage to make it look closer than it really is.

The only chance the other teams have is if Nick and Starr get hopelessly lost which isn't likely since the majority of the race will be in the United States.

Order of Finish:

1. Nick & Starr
2. Andrew & Dan
3. Ken & Tina
4. Toni & Dallas

Here's the preview to the season finale: