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Equine Rights Down Under

The Australian Racing Board convened to discuss how jockeys will be allowed to use their whips. Specifically, the number of times they whip their horses. This article actually calls out jockey Craig Newitt for using a "windmill" style, which will surely be banned.


Known horse beater, via

They will not, however, be forced to used padded whips. So the pain is still there, just less frequent. Still, the jockey's union is upset:

Victorian Jockey Association chief executive Des O'Keeffe said he found it "absolutely bizarre" such specifics could be canvassed without input from jockeys.

"We are yet to see any evidence, no one has provided any results of any survey to say that whips are harming racing's image," he said.

"... mates," he later added. The issue boils down to presenting an "attractive image" in horse racing. I recommend upgrading their clientele, something a little more Del Mar. Personally, I think they've been infiltrated by PETA.

So please, racing fans, if your horse is five lengths in front or in last place - stop whipping it.