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The casting director on Amazing Race and Survivor sucks, period.

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Casting director: Amazing Race “is a relationship show, period”

This casting director is so full of herself, she knows exactly what the show needs and what the people want to see.  All I have to say is two names.  Idiot Boston Rob and his wife Amber.  That was the worst casting for Amazing Race ever.  I stopped watching after 3 seasons because of that casting decision. 

Never EVER, have cross over, celebrities or other reality stars on either show. Never!

So what about Rob and Amber, who appeared on/ruined not one but two seasons, The Amazing Race 7 and The Amazing Race All-Stars?

“With Rob and Amber, they met on the reality show, they were engaged. They were not at a crossroads, but they were getting married and they had a lot of issues to work out,” she said. “And also they were household names. Let’s see, if Charlie and Marcus become household names, maybe. I think that’s the difference, too.”

She broke her own rules, they weren't a crossroad, they weren't interesting and they were known ahead of time.  They are the worst people ever.  I'm still angry about this decision like 4 years later.

There are so many other relationships that people care about besides the husband/wife, dating couple and parent/child relationship and Amazing Race refuses to investigate them.