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Two events went down this week in the world of Uncommon (Uncle S, to Rox Girl), and it's Sunday, so... doing the Lord's work here. Here's your updates:

Yann Elies, competitor in the Vendée Globe, was rescued by the Australian Navy. But not before Marc Guillemot got there first, and promptly threw his painkillers into the ocean. Nice move, Marc. I can only imagine what hideous, sinister creature of the deep is now in possession of a bottle of morphine.


spengbob, via

Both Marc and Samantha Davies are now back on the chase, in pursuit of Michel Desjoyeaux, whose name is dripping with silent letters and other pitfalls of the French language. Seriously, you guys, don't die. Not even kidding.

Team World is kicking our wangless posteriors in curling. It's not good, folks. Team North America staged a comeback, but immediately gave it back. I think we underestimated the Chinese Wangs. I know they're small, but I apparently in curling, size isn't everything.