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Uncommon FanShot of 2008

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Here we are at the end of the year. Time to tie it all up, put a bow on it, dump it in the river and collect the insurance. Wait, what?

To narrow down the list of the 129 submissions, I chose those with the most comments. The recs are a something we'll have to work on next year. ;)

There is a 5-way tie for fifth slot in this vote, so you can nominate/write in your own vote in the comments. See all the submissions here.

Here are your nominees:


Jamaica Women sweep 100m. Smells Bad!, Jonny Dub, 4 comments


This guy, jbox, 3 comments


Kobayashi prepares to reclaim title, Axion, 3 comments


Over The Line can still rock the booze, matto619, 3 comments