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Uncommon Open Thread of 2008

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The unscripted drama experienced during a live sporting event is chronicled for the world to see in an Open Thread. In our first year, we came close to doing just that. You know what they say, "Close only counts in horse shoes, hand grenades, and Open Threads."

There was no elimination criteria this year because there were only eight open threads all year. Some threads are longer than others, but each thread can be appreciated on its own merit.

We might have a tiny readership and only eight open threads all year, but we are like Jamestown; In our first year we've withstood attacks from the natives, disease, and starvation. Next year, we look forward to even more starvation. It's hard work starting a colony.


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Here are your nominees:

Open Thread: American Gladiators 1/6/2008 - Dex, in Uncommon form.

Open Thread: Amazing Race 1/6/2008 - jbox kicks off Amazing Race coverage

Open Thread: National Spelling Bee (5/30) - a veritable blogging flashmob for Spelling Bee fans.

U.S. Open (thread) - Torrey Pines (7/14) - Tiger Woods' last match, a sudden death win, where Jonny Dub had a dry chicken sandwich.

Open Thread: Olympics 8/8/08, Opening Ceremonies - Where we ooo'd and ahh'd within the limits established by the People's Republic of China.

Open Thread: 8/9, Summer Games! - Sabre fighting and handball, that's what we do here.

So you like baseball, eh? Canada vs. US: Open Thread (8/15) - Olympic baseball counts as Uncommon because now it's extinct. I hope you enjoy your gas guzzlers and CFCs.

Open Thread: Amazing Race (9/8) - jbox rekicks off Amazing Race coverage for the new season