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Baby-Cry Sumo

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Sometimes, stuff comes through that's really old, but it's labeled as new, but I look and it's actually old. One such thing is Baby Cry Sumo. Here's a photo:

Today's secret ingredient...

The object of the game is to see which baby can cry the loudest. It's a prerequisite to have sumo wrestlers hold the babies or else it wouldn't be "baby-cry sumo" and instead, just "baby-cry". I'm not sure how they get the babies to cry. I know the quickest way to get a baby to cry (without drawing the ire of the authorities) is to rock one gently to sleep, lay it down in its crib, and then start playing grownup with your wife. However, it doesn't look like that tried and true method is being used here, so I assume they must just be pinching those little kids really hard.

These photos are funny if you like seeing Asian babies crying while dressed up in ridiculous costumes and being held by overweight Japanese dudes.

(old HT to Basketbawful)