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Extreme sports aren't real

Fox 6 in San Diego refuses to report on the X-Games (owned by ESPN) even though Shaun White is San Diegan, an X-Gamer and effing killed it this year. The ASR Blog talks a little more about it. The reason Fox 6 gives is a little bit strange, and not very well thought out (my emphasis)...

A letter from their senior producer to one viewer stated that the station's position was that X Games are "not real sports" and are something fabricated by ESPN to raise their ratings and to give the network their own marquee event

Basically, if you prove that a sport was actually created by somebody, instead of being born by the hand of God, then it's "not real sports" and Fox 6 in San Diego refuses to report on it. Somebody tell them about about Abner Doubleday, Walter Camp and Dr. James Naismith and see what ends up getting aired during the sports segment. That would be kinda interesting.

(Thanks again ric-s!)