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Frankie Muniz is conceited

I'm not sure if I have ever found one person more annoying than Frankie Muniz.  I still remember the first episode of Punk'd when they stole Muniz's car while he was telling Ashton how awesome he was at basketball.  They steal his car and he starts to cry, you almost want to feel bad for him then he turns into a little bitch again.  I don't know if anybody has had less modesty then this little sh*t.  He thinks he's the greatest basketball player, child actor, Clipper's fan and driver ever.  Everything about him sucks.


Actor-turned-racing driver Frankie Muniz is in no doubt about his talents behind the wheel - insisting no other celebrity can race cars as well as he can. The former Malcolm In The Middle star walked away from a successful TV and movie career three years ago to follow his driving dreams full-time. And Muniz is more than confident he made the right decision. He says, "I don't want to sound conceited, but I don't think there has been an actor or celebrity-turned-racecar driver that has made it as high up on the racecar circuit as I have. So I don't think there's anyone who can keep up with me. And that's just me being honest." And Muniz's new car confidence has given him a speedy new ambition: "I want to race Michael Schumacher, seven-time (Formula One) world champion."