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2008 Lithuanian Open Paragliding Accuracy Championship

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The Lithuanian Hanggliding and Paragliding Sports Federation (LSPSF) recently had their championships. From the website, the championships serve to demonstrate paragliders, powered paragliders, ultralights, hot air balloons and airships in general. The championships also serve to celebrate the Day of Reestablishment of Independence of Lithuania, which is like the 4th of July to you and me, except if somebody took away our independence and we had to get it back again in the middle of February.

This is the kind of video that I find extremely relaxing. There's the sound of the wind and people speaking excitedly in a language I don't understand. Colorfully dressed men slowly descend and try to accurately hit marks that seem to be just patches of dirt that are a little bit lighter than the dirt around it. It's all the reasons why I liked Pilotwings so much. Simply delightful!