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Lingerie Bowl 2008 canceled, but a nation wide league is starting

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I was just thinking about how stupid The Lingerie Bowl was.  It was canceled for the second year in a row.  Seriously, try and watch that entire youtube clip.  It's almost impossible, it's so boring.

Here's the problems with the Lingerie Bowl:

  1.  We see women fighting in their underwears all the time.  It's over done on reality TV.  You've got MTV and their lame ass Gauntlet challenges staging scantily clad fights all the time.  Then you've got Brett Michael's Rock of Love holding his own underwear football game.  We've seen it, we know that nobody's clothes are going to get ripped off.  It's just not that titillating.
  1.  Why would men want to pay for this?  You can go to the internets 24/7 and find past Lingerie Bowls and far, far sexier things for free.  
  1.  The XFL proved that we don't like watching football if there aren't great players and great competition.  
  1.  Combining two things men do like doesn't necessarily make them better.  We like chicks in lingerie, we like football, but we don't like chicks in lingerie playing football.
  1.  Men don't watch the majority of female sports.

With all of this being true, why is it that suddenly I'm interested?  Is it because the Lingerie Bowl now has a league?  I can't figure out why the San Diego Seduction has suddenly captured my attention.  Maybe it's because it might be fun to go to on a slow night.  Maybe it's because Uncommon Sportsman could be the unofficial/official blog of The San Diego Seduction.  I don't know.


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