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First Annual Sausalito Corn Hole Invitational Tournament (S.C.H.I.T.)


Cornhole is one of those things that people make fun of, but to me, is a lot like other backyard sports. For instance, I was just playing Bocce over the weekend and a lot of the principles are the same. You toss something and try to get it near or in something else. So the reputation of cornhole being more "common man" than bocce or lawn bowling or even horseshoes must come purely from the cornholers themselves.


In any case, I've been given word that the Sausalito Corn Hole Invitational Tournament will be occuring on June 7th. It's limited to 16 teams so if you're in the bay area and want to prove that you're the King of S.C.H.I.T., contact Kevin at kdoidge at gmail dot com.