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Hand Shaking Record Broken

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A couple of nerds decided to break the Guiness Hand Shaking record . These kind of records sound so stupid for me. I know it's an endurance competition but this can't be considered a sport, can it?

Hand jobs maybe that's a sport, but hand shaking? No.

Dex wants to try and break this record of 9.5 hours, just to get Uncommon Sportsman some cred. The problem is that I don't really want to shake his hand that long. These nerds had to shake hands while using the restroom, for crying out loud!

The rules from Guinness appeared easy enough: Handshakers are not required to look each other in the eye or exchange pleasantries; they simply must grip palms and continuously move their hands up and down.

I think if I was breaking this record, I'd cover my hand in Icy/Hot or Bengay. Dex said he'd probably use an antiperspirant roll on, because his hands get sweaty.

Dex also suggested that we walk around the city while shaking hands and have Channel 4's Jenny Cavnar to cover it and then stop in and talk to Sam the Cooking Guy. It'd be a promotional tour where we spread will and also raise sponsorship money.