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Pillow Fighting League

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Canada has a pillow fighting league . Don't think for a minute that this is your father's pillow fighting league with hot chicks . This is what a real pillow fighter looks like:



See, there is nothing remotely sexy about this competitive pillow fighting. Though I like this chick, check out her answer to this question:

Why Are You a Pillow Fighter? Why aren't YOU a pillow fighter?

See that? She's sassy as hell. You need to be that way to be a professional pillow fighter.

There are Seven Rules in Pillow Fighting. Only two seem to be really important.

The first is rule two, which is how you win a match:

Professional pillow fights are won via pinfall, surrender, or referee stoppage. If a pillow fight ends at the time limit with no winner, a winner is declared by a three-judge committee, using the traditional 10 point system. Pillow fighters are judged based on Style, Stamina, and the Eye of the Tiger.

and number 7:

A pillow is not a weapon. Deliberately compressing the pillow fibres to increase the density of the pillow is not allowed. Loading a pillow with any foreign object is strictly forbidden.

June 5th is the World Title bout between Killer Bea and Laina Beaton.