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Big Brown Loses bid for the Triple Crown!

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Big Brown's bid for the Triple Crown is over.  Big Brown was slowed in the last few furlongs.  It could have been the heat.  At this point we don't know.

Big Brown's owner Dutrow the loud mouth of the racing circuit is uncharactericsticly quiet and sweating through his dress shirt like an pig.



Folks this is big news.  A giant upset.

Big Brown's jockey commented after the race, "I had no horse".  Big Brown just didn't show up for the race.

Veterinarians are currently scoping Big Brown's lungs looking for any respiratory abnormality or internal bleeding.

Big Brown is defeated!  We need answers.  Some classless fans could be heard yelling for the mighty horse to be euthanized, but there doesn't seem to be any injury that would deem euthanizing the majestic beast necessary.

Fans and media want answers!  Big Brown beat the eventual winner of the Belmont Stakes by 23 and a half lengths in their last meeting.  The story today is that Big Brown has lost.

Veterinarians are checking for blood in the horses mucus.  There are no signs of lameness in the barn.  The horse could still be called "lame" since he blew the biggest race of his life.