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Rejected Olympics

Dex and I got an email publicizing this event called Rejected Olympics:

The Rejected Olympic Events will be broken down into four categories: strength, stamina, accuracy, and intellect. Each day different games will be added in each of the four categories for a total of about 100 games over the course of the event. They’ll range from Samurai watermelon chopping to trivia games to bottle cap shooting games.

Players will choose a town to represent during the Rejected Olympics (akin to a country in the real world games) and have the opportunity to win virtual prizes for individual performance and virtual medals based on you towns overall performance. Like the Beijing Games, all the action in the Rejected Games will be captured on an ESPN style scoreboard and leaderboard and covered by the Rejected Olympics news desk complete with virtual broadcasters.

It all starts July 21.  I'm looking forward to seeing what they chose for their 100 events.