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Wii Fit Ski Jump

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I've been real out of it in terms of the blogging because of a cross country move, but I've seen me enough sexy Wii Fit videos to know that I had to get one, so I did. I got to Circuit City about an hour before open and scored the 8th voucher out of 8 vouchers to get one of the Wii Fit boards that morning.

Already, I've started in on my quest for 22 BMI (I'm a bit over right now) and one of my favorites activities has been Wii Fit Ski Jump. I can't figure out exactly what I need to do to get the big distances though. I've checked YouTube and what I've got is...

Obviously cheatin':

And somewhat excessively costumed:

I know it's not sexy naked ladies ski jumpin', but you take what you can get.