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My strategy for NBC and Notes from the Olympics day... 3 is it?

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If I were NBC, I would've allowed for a ton of raw feed online to be gathered by whoever wanted it and embedded on your individual sites. Then, in order for a person to use an embedded clip, I would've had them pick a 15-30 second commercial to precede the clip.

That way, a blogger (like myself) would have a way of embedding a clip onto his or her site and I would've picked out an advertisement that I figured my readers would find interesting. Sponsors and advertisers could get the data from NBC for a price to figure out what sorts of sites expressed interest in their products. NBC would be able to tell if there was a sport that they should have provided better television coverage to and make up for it later in the games. Everybody would be happy.

Instead... We get what we get.


  • Watching men's indoor volleyball. I full admit I don't watch much indoor volleyball, so maybe the answer is obvious, but why is the shortest guy on each team wearing a different color? Isn't that height discrimination to point out the shorty?
  • Women's badminton - Yulianti vs Schenk. The announcer talked about Yulianti's lack of emotion during the match and was notably excited when she pumped her first. However instead of calling it a "fist pump", he called said, "there's the pump fist". I found that humorous.
  •  Women's Soccer - Diane Matheson looks very short out there. I thought that she must be like 4'10". Looking at her bio, I find that she's actually 5 foot even, but then I remembered that sports heroes always lie about their heights on their bio.
  • Women's Volleyball - I have to find a photo somewhere, but one of the women's volleyball judges looks like Chuck the cocaine guy from Boogie Nights.