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I watched some Olympic sports yesterday

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  • Fencing/Saber:  In fencing now they have helmets that light up when you make a touch on your opponent.  This is great for spectators since you can't see the foil touching on TV or in person.  The only problem with this is that they often both light up and a judge has to make a decision of who touched first.  Why not have it so the first touch gets the light and then the other guys helmet doesn't light up at all?  That way there doesn't have to be a judges decision.  It's really funny seeing the fencers clenching their fist and celebrating, trying to sell their touch to the judge.  They both put on this big production and then one of them is like "ah man.  Are you serious?"  There is a lot of acting in fencing.
  • Women's Volleyball:  This is so much more fun to watch than beach volleyball.  I love watching the fake spikes, the two or three women blocks, the diving and sliding.  It's great.  I watched USA/Poland.  Don't get me wrong I still fast forwarded through most of it but I ended up fast forwarding through all of beach volleyball.
  • Track events:  Track runners piss me off.  Why can't they sprint through the finish line?  They think they are so cool pulling up and jogging into the finish.  You're at the olympics!  You're setting a world record, do your best!  Usaine Bolt did it and some American hurdlers did it yesterday.  An American woman pulled up in the 100 meter dash yesterday and just about got beat because she stopped too early.  It would have served her right.