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The Amazing Race Season 13 starts Sept 28th

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CBS has announced the teams on the next Amazing Race.

I think I'm rooting for Terence and Sarah, but that could all change once I see the first episode. 

Here's my idea for the Amazing Race.  They have too many of the old cliches now after 13 seasons.  The Father/Daugher, Couple that won't commit, old people, etc.

I think they should grab people off the street.  We are taking you and your dry cleaner!  Go! 

Or a student and their teacher that they don't necessarily like. 

Or they grab somebody that would be good for the show and then the next person who walks through this door.

I think it'd be fun to see how people who only know each other in a certain environment would get along on the Amazing Race.

Oh here's a good one, what about a hot chick and some wormy dude that has a crush on her and she doesn't even know who he is.  Something like that.

These ideas are genius!  Why am I not a television producer?  CBS should call me.