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Everybody wants to blame the U.S.

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Men's Track 200M

I don't know if you guys saw the 200M last night. The American in third place was such a poor sport. He stepped on the line like 3 times and that's an automatic DQ. He was being interviewed after he had already taken a victory lap and found out seconds before that he was DQ'd. Even though it was obvious that he had DQ'd he was adamant he was going to challenge the ruling.  At least he didn't blame his DQ on another country.

NBC was looking at the footage and saw that the second place guy from Netherlands Antilles also stepped on the line multiple times. So apparently the U.S. told them to check the tape. Both of them were DQ'd. So the 4th place American moved up to second.

The Netherlands Antilles guy took it out on the US instead of just realizing that he did indeed DQ and it was his fault:

The sports minister for the Netherlands Antilles, Omayra Leeflang, was furious about Martina's disqualification and blamed the United States team.

"It goes against the whole spirit of the Olympics," Leeflang said. "The spirit of the Olympics is to come together in the spirit of fair play. A small country like ours, we did not come here as victims. I think it's a pity for a big country like the United States to make such a small statement."

So even though it was completely Martina's fault he wants to place the blame on the U.S. Poor sportsmanship all the way, take it like a man.