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Smells Like Beijing in Here - Inaugural Edition

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Welcome to (day late) Inaugural Coverage of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. We've been tracking this 5 ring circus for a few weeks now, and some of these stories are even already submitted here, but from this point on it's going to be far easier to just dump links into posts.

For starters: 15 facts | Yes, it's naked time.

Yummy foods | Mmm... scorpion on a stick!

What's that smell? | No, I like this. We will ninja ourselves some medals and Gee Tee Eff Oh.

Olympic flame arrives

Nakedness is the best promotion | Amanda Beard gets naked for furries. | Naked Powerade, too | We only post pics of chicks here because of what the Media does! It's the Media's fault!

Olympic Walking: Deadly Serious | Seriously... using 'roids or whatever for Olympic walking? You guys know Americans don't even watch that, right?

Michael Phelps: The Tiger of Swimming | America: F#CK YEAH!


Stay tuned throughout the Olympics for more hilarious antics!