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Playboy Models the history of Olympic Swimsuits

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I love the Summer Olympics. - Speedo Swimsuits from the Olympics

Playboy was nice enough to let some of their girls model the swimsuits from Olympic past.  This way we get to see how they changed throughout the years. 

1998, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008


1988_01_medium 1988_02_medium 1992_01_medium 1992_02_medium 1996_01_medium 1996_02_medium 2000_01_medium Gal_olympicsuit_playboy_1_medium2000_02_medium 2004_01_medium 2004_02_medium 2008_01_medium2008_02_medium    Gal_olympicsuit_playboy_3_medium