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David Blaine is lame!

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See how I rhymed that?  That's quality blogging right there.

Never liked David Blaine and his stupid street magician camera tricks and edits.  Everybody knows how to do the levitation thing and how you used special effects for the TV viewers.  You suck.  It wouldn't be as bad if he didn't have such a terrible personality.  He thinks he's so awesome, how he talks in a monotone voice and dates hot chicks. 



What you are doing now isn't even magic.  Being buried alive or frozen in an ice cube or hanging upside down.  This isn't magic, they are dumb promotional stunts.

Now we find out you are cheating!  You aren't hanging upside down for 60 hours, you're taking breaks!

He told Kelly Ripa on Live: With Regis and Kelly that he hasn't eaten in ten days and that he has a catheter for when he needs to take a piss.



Now Fox News has proof that he is taking breaks and his representative says:

"About once an hour he has to come down for a medical check, to stretch, and to relieve himself, because even David Blaine can't do that upside down," said Patrick Smith, an executive vice president at Rubenstein Associates. "He has said all along that there will be times when he must get his head above his heart."

In conclusion, David Blaine and his stunts are totally lame and he is not an Uncommon Sportsman!