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Australian Junior Olympic Archery Champion credits WOLOLO

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The Sporting News reports on the story of Ryan Tyack, Australian Junior Olympic Archery champion who started out his glorious career on none other than Age of Empires.

"I just sat around playing Age of Empires all the time and my mum wanted me to do a sport and meet some kids," Tyack said. "So I chose either fencing or archery as Age Of Empires had swordsmen and archers," he said.

Starting out as a lowly bowman,


he rose through the ranks and upgrades to become an Improved Bowman,


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Finally, when he reached the title of Champion, he could truly call himself a Composite Bowman:


I know what you're thinking, but there's no elephant species native to Australia, so these are absolutely out of the question.


I wonder how many new friends he's made since he's been publicly shaming them in both archery and Age of Empires.


Oh yeah, everybody WOLOLO!