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Amazing Race Season 15 Episode 5

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Amazing Race Season15 Episode 5 Recap

The teams had to travel to the tallest building in the Persian Gulf.  As all of us know that the building is in Dubai.  Some teams went to an internet cafe and others went straight to the airport.  How do racers know when it is easier to book online and when to just go to the airport?  Does it have to do with the distance and travel time to the airport?  It seems that the racers all know when to go online and when not to.

In any case Team Boston Meathead Lawyer started off badly again going to an internet cafe and wasting a ton of time trying to get tickets.  It didn't matter though because all the teams ended up on the same flight to Dubai.  The teams landed and it turns out that Dubai looks like a more extravagant version of Las Vegas.  I didn't even know that was possible.  So this is where all the oil money goes.

The teams were split into two groups to take elevators to the top of the World's tallest building.  The girl Country Singer is afraid of heights and started freaking out thinking that they would have to jump off the building.  When the teams reached the top there was a clue box.  Major let down for the viewers. 

The clue told the teams that they could either take a Fast Forward which entailed driving a race car around Dubai's famous F1 track in under 45 seconds or they could travel into a desert preserve. 

Interestingly enough only Team San Diego was the only team that wanted the Fast Forward.  I guess everybody else felt comfortable enough in their rankings and wanted to give Team San Diego a huge lead.  It's a big risk, but a big reward.  I think I would have gone for it though.

Team San Diego's guy, Cheyne, has the most ridiculous hair, how does he get that much gel on the race?  He can't wait to race the car but his girlfriend starts freaking out because she isn't good not being in control.  All he's doing is driving a car around a track at 100mph.  It really doesn't seem like a big deal to me at all and she is losing her mind.  She's got some issues.  He returns unhurt and she finally stops crying, they go to the Pit Stop and finish in first place.

The rest of the teams head to the desert and have to search for clay jars hidden in the dunes.  Some clay jars are filled with water and they must collect the water into a bag for some camels.  Team Mixed Racial Married Couple helps the other teams find the clay pots, because they believe that karma will help them in the end.

Team Meathead Lawyer gets really lost again.

Team Poker Players run over a stake in the ground ruin their radiator.  A replacement car is left for them.  Team Gay Brothers decide to wait with Team Poker because they helped them find the clay pots.  Everybody is being so nice today.

The teams must then race back to Dubai City and go to an indoor skiing facility.  Yes they have a place to ski in the middle of the desert.  Yes, this is what they use all that oil money for.

The teams can either slide down the snow hill on their butts and try and find a small snowman hidden in a huge pile of snow or simply make a snowman in the desert heat before it melts.  The teams seem to want to slide down the hill so they take on the more difficult challenge.  I would have just slid down the hill and then went to make the snowman.  At least that way you're in control, it's pretty simple to make a snowman.

Team Globetrotters and Team Mixed Racial Couple find the miniature snowmen pretty easily and get a nice lead, while other teams give up and make the snowman outdoors.

All this time Team Meathead Lawyer is lost.  Even though the team isn't very likeable he's not being a huge jerk like he was before. They finish all the challenges but end up in last place and are booted from the race.

Next week seems to be interesting where the guy from Team Country Singer tries to throw his girlfriend down a water slide because she's too afraid to go herself.  Can't wait for that drama.