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Survivor 19: Samoa Aid - Week 3

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Previously on UNCOMMON SURVIVOR... everything is great for Galu. They win and get along, but that's not really enough for Shambo. She's turned out to be much more of a dud than I expected. In Evil Russell news, he continues to place his chess pieces all over the board whenever his opponents glance away, pulling a blind hidden immunity idol out thin air, voting out Officer Betsy, and accepting Ben as his hated companion. The guy's amazing, and he frustrates me so much. Universe, can you hear me? Please exact proper revenge on this man, I beg of you.

Day 7 at Foa Foa, Ben's "a mental plague." Evil Russell states that nobody is playing the game. He's right and it just feeds his ego. Universe? Are you listening? Oh, lovely, only Ben knows how to start a fire and he's letting everyone know. "Hey ladies, you'll die without me." Evil Russell is sitting back, watching his antics unfold. This is a cake walk for him.

Meanwhile, Galu is doing yoga . Shambo still hates young people. According to her, there's no food, water, or fire wood, but everyone else is pretty comfortable. Shut up, Shambo.


Evil Russell motivates Ben to get Ashley eliminated. It's too easy for this guy. Ben immediately confronts her and they fight. Boo! Someone be smarter than this! "Someone told me, I won't say who, but it sure wasn't Russell." Incredible. Ashley jumps on the warpath, trying to figure out who it was, thrashing about like a wounded minnow.

Tree mail time! Galu gets hot new bikinis! But not for Shambo, haha! I guess if you let enough tit fly in a couple challenges, they have to give you something better.

Immunity Reward Challenge time! Retrieve a crate, but wrestle a little bit first, and make it sensual. Get all your crates puzzle and it up like a Rubic's cube. Reward is some throw pillows. Shambo sits out, I'd put her in the pit, because she's manly. The challenge starts, and hey, look, there's some tit blur. The Galu girls land their first crate, and the Galu guys blow past Ben. You suck, Ben. The Galu girls maintain the lead, and Ben gets blown by again. You suck, Ben. At the reward, Dread Russell is given the choice between pillows and towels or a bunch of camping gear. He chooses the fluff, siding with the women, which, not counting Shambo, pleases the minority of the tribe. At least Shambo gets to observe Foa Foa, and I don't miss Exile Island, this is better. Do you agree?


Over at Foa Foa, Shambo has made it her mission to make friends on Survivor. But hey, great for them, Foa Foa loves Shambo. She's got nicknames for everyone and they love it. Evil Russell is pretty quiet during the visit, only concerned that Shambo has the precious clue for his idol.

Back over at Galu, Dread Russell tries to explain his decision, but the men aren't buying any of it, and, surprise, I side with them. If it rains, that stuff becomes junk.

It is still Day 7, this is the longest day in Survivor history. Jaison is ready to do anything to get rid of Ben, but that's not according to Evil Russell's plan. He now wants Mick to trust him, and shows him his secret idol. At last, a crack in the plan!

Finally, Day 8 comes along, with Shambo teaching proper wilderness wiping etiquette. Jaison is dead set on getting rid of Ben, but Evil Russell and Mick are still lobbying for him. Even Evil Russell appears shaken by Jaison's determination. At the vote, Jaison starts out by saying he wants to trade Shambo for Ben, because Ben sucks. Two questions in, Jaison and Ben are going at it. Evil Russell brings up the racial aspect, and Jaison lays it on the line. Ben continues to make a fool of himself, he's really no match for Jaison's intelligence and Ashley is sitting pretty with the rift burning brightly. Shambo leaves and the vote begins. They don't show Jaison's vote, which I thought was pretty silly since we all knew what it would be. The first four votes were for Ben and he's eliminated. You suck, Ben.



Next time, Evil Russell may have to consider dealing with the Jaison's influence, and Galu looks for their idol.

Earlier this week, Samoa was rocked by a severe earthquake. If you feel so inclined, please visit if you would like to help in any way.