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Amazing Race Season 15 Episode 6

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Amazing Race Season 15 Episode 6

Okay Team San Diego starts first. The guy Cheyne says that Meghan gets super stressed out all the time which kind of explains the crying fit she had last week. Each team chooses a briefcase travels to the harbor for a road block where they must find a yacht with a sheik on it, who will give them a watch. The trick is that the time is combination to the locked brief case.

Paddling those boats out the yacht is probably a lot harder than it looks, but Team Globetrotter uses his hands to paddle "For the 'Hood!" and Team Gay Brothers hand paddles "For the Suburbs!" Suburbs win, when Big Easy can't figure out the combination. The Globetrotters are way behind.

Next the teams are to Abra station. Where they weigh a $500,000 of gold or build a hookah pipe. Team San Diego starts assembling hook pipes. Meghyn gets frustrated and starts freaking out again. What's new?

Team Interracial is doing the long division to convert the price of gold, but they are doing the math wrong or the exchange rate is turning to fast for them. I don't understand why this is so hard. The price isn't changing that much. Once you figure it out once, you just tweak the number, it's not like you have to start all the way over.

Team Gay Brothers were smart enough to bring a calculater with them but they weren't smart enough to know how to use it. Fortuntely their alliance with Team Poker Chicks pays off and they share their answers.

Meanwhile Team Interracial switches to the hookahs. They put the wrong tubes on the wrong pipe. The Pagaent girl keeps saying, "Well it's close enough, small differences shouldn't matter!" or something like that. Here's the thing... they have to match exactly.

The heat is killing the rest of the teams and Team Country Girl says "I wish I was naked right now." That's a coincidence because I was just wishing that you were naked right now too.

The Globetrotters see how long it's taking Team Interracial to do the hookah challenge so they switch to the Gold challenge. They borrow a calculator from the hotel desk and solve the problem.

At the end the teams must slide down a six story water slide. It goes under a shark tank. The girls are complaining about scary it is. Megyn asks "Are those real sharks down there?" Okay seriously I'm not sure I could do the race with her always crying and getting frustrated. We can't have two people like that on one team.

Then comes Mika and Canaan. I think Mika is the guy on Team Country but honestly with those names, I'm not sure. Team Country girl will NOT go down the slide, instead she whines and complains for what seems like hours. Mika tries to push her down the slide. She screams "Help me! Help me!" Dude, that's messed up.

I'm trying to think of what I would do. I know that if I started to force her down the slide, I would finish the job. Once you make that decision, you put her down the slide! I probably wouldn't force her down, I'd just go down myself and wait at the bottom for her.

What would you have done? Was it wrong from Big Easy to trash talk her and tell her not to go down? I wouldn't have trashed talked her I would have said to the guy "Stop pressuring her! Can't you see she's scared?! You need to be a more understanding boyfriend." He would have been so pissed but he can't get mad at you. It would have been great and it would have ended with the same result.

In the end she never went down and Team Country was eliminated from the race.