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Survivor 19: Samhungryforawinmoa - Week 4

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Previously on UNCOMMON SURVIVOR ... Galu is on a roll and Evil Russell has been mopping up Foa Foa. Ku Klux Ben's cross was extinguished last time after Jaison tore him apart at the tribal council for his, "racially insensitive" comments. 

Jaison is beginning to crack, though, even after his victory over Ben. He's soured on the whole thing. Evil Russell doesn't see Jaison as a man anymore, because Jaison would've quit over Ben. I'm not going to pretend I understand Jaison's perspective, but to give up the pursuit of a million dollars, which can essentially be translated as greed, for something you truly believe in, that is nobility. Evil Russell is so sure of himself. May his fall be the harder for it.

Shambo is planning her jump over to Foa Foa. Get real, lady. She thinks she has a following there. I love it.

Erik tries to get Shambo to tell him about the immunity idol, thinking he's going to be the only one to hear this. But John, with perfect timing, interrupts the secret meeting. Shambo continues to run her mouth when he approaches, giving up her valuable information another person before she pats them on the back and leaves. Awesome.

Treemail: Send two of your tribemates on a secret mission where you might get food. Mick chooses Evil Russell and Natalie. Dread Russell chooses Danger Dave and Shambo. They arrive at a ring, but Jeff's not there. Pfft, bloggers are always late. They each see a cage with chickens in it with a sign that says, "Reward." Shambo thinks that if you catch the chicken, you get the pirate chest full of food. Did anyone else on the planet think that was the case? They realize that it must be a battle, and suddenly, it's a stand-off. Evil Russell makes the first move, and the frenzy starts. Shambo starts grabbing at chickens, but Danger Dave figures out it's a Bocce ball challenge by reading the instructions. I wonder where Jeff was.

Mick and Dread Russell take their shots, then Natalie and Shambo. Shambo's no good. She's nowhere near the flag. It's down to Evil Russell and Danger Dave. Dave's second shot blocks two Foa Foa balls, making it harder to hit them away from the flag. Evil Russell's third shot skates past the debris and becomes the closest to the flag and ten it's down to Danger Dave. Unfortunately, Mick's confessional alludes to heartbreak and spoils the outcome for me. Dave shushes Dread Russell before taking a deep breath, and fires his last shot. It hits another ball and lands, rolling right up to the flag without touching it, as if to sniff the nape of its neck, but not kiss it. Dare I say, epic shot, Dave. Galu wins reward in the form of chickens. Foa Foa, you get... nothing!



Back at Camp Galu, Erik begins his search for the secret idol hidden there. John pretends to nap, but he keeps a watchful eye from the hammock. Erik climbs the tree with the most lizards he can find and finds the idol. Then he goes off alone to hide and look at it. I would just go lie down and take a nap, don't be so obvious. What do you do when you come back to camp, and everyone is awake, and you smell like coconut? Tell them you found a Hustler in the tree?

The Bocce ball champs return, and Shambo assures Dave and Dread Russell that she can take care of the chickens, because she's a country girl, before Dave neatly lays down the foreshadowing. He is trying to remain grounded about his victory. Emotionally centered, humble.... Danger Dave, everyone. Really earning that nickname.


Dread Russell assigns chicken care to Shambo, who immediately begins walking like a chicken and clucking, telling us about her chicken relationships, not legal in most states. Chickens have to trust you and know you to lay eggs, and they will give them to her because she will be kind to them.  She assumes her role as chicken whisperer, clucking at the chickens and shushing anyone speaking English in front of them. 

The rains come to Foa Foa. Jaison is tired, he and Evil Russell share a papaya in the downpour. Jaison's instability alarms him, and he needs to choose a new running mate, settling on Natalie. She is getting played and she doesn't even know it. I don't think she even has what it takes to stick the knife in him when the time comes. 

Day 10 at Galu, chicken whisperer finds an egg, but lets a chicken fly the coup, literally. Erik clotheslines himself on the clothesline trying to catch it.


The chicken is in a tree. Shambo didn't know a chicken could fly. Dread Russell doesn't want to say she's stupid, but I'll go ahead and do that for him. I wonder if she's related to Coach. She's real sorry she let the chicken go, but at least Shambo laid an egg, right? 

Day 11 at Galu, Yasmin is obnoxious as all hell. Kelly has had enough of her selfish ways. 

Immunity challenge time! Rope bridge block carrying then stacking challenge? Build a tower of blocks at each end? If you're thinking of earthquakes in Samoa right now, I won't blame you. Remember,

The challenge begins and they all race across the rope contraption carrying their blocks. Tower assembly begins, with Foa Foa depending on the height of Jaison. Kelly and Monica hop onto shoulders from Galu. Mmm, "human pyramid action" ... Egyptian style. Galu finishes first and gets a slight lead. The rope bridge proves slightly difficult for Jaison, he's too tall here. Galu maintains a lead until Monica gets on the bridge. The new bathing suits are working out nicely, though. Good support, good form. Solid. Natalie is able to make up the time against Monica and they're virtually even after the final neck. Galu gets a good lead when they untie their bags of blocks first and begin putting their tower up. Foa Foa gets their blocks untied and catches using Jaison's height again. Natalie and Kelly end up on shoulders. Natalie places the final block as Kelly drops two others and the yellow tower stands for five seconds, and Foa Foa wins its first immunity, literally on the back of Jaison. Dread Russell immediately lays the blame on Monica for her rope bridge struggle.

Dread Russell makes his case on Erik for getting rid of Monica based on her challenge performance, citing that she's a young girl having fun and thinks it's Club Med. I don't think he could be more wrong. She did the best she could. Yes, it was a weak performance, pathetic even, but she was trying like hell.

Danger Dave throws Shambo's name out there, but everyone else thinks Yasmin should go since she does nothing around camp. Yasmin doesn't do a thing around camp, and she knows it. But you know why? Because if you do something wrong, everyone else preys on it. She's busting her ass, and her body could use a rest, damn it. I hope you all laughed at that as much as I did. The tribe is split as to what to do, but for some reason they're afraid to go against Dread Russell's decision to vote for Monica. He's totally biased, he's in love with Yasmin. He says there's going to be serious ass kicking if nobody votes how he does, but he's so soft-spoken, I have to mock him. 

Tribal council time! Jeff gets to the heart of the issue after just one question, asking Brett (who?) if everyone pulls their weight around camp. Nope, Yasmin doesn't. But for some reason, she's surprised that someone else recognizes this when she admitted it before. Every time someone asked her to do something, "she have did it." Why's he picking on her, anyway? Plus, she dressed nice for Jeff. Yes, the heels...


Jeff continues, asking Dread Russell how important challenges are. He thinks they're the most important. Yasmin kisses up to him and calls out Monica for struggling. Monica, unfortunately, thinks she did "a great job." Sweetie, you did your best, but that wasn't good at all. Laura says number one is who helps out around camp the most, meaning Yasmin sucks. 

We are shown one vote for Monica and one for Yasmin before Jeff tallies. The first two read are for Yasmin. Monica gets two of her own, but the rest... the final for votes needed to eliminate her, the ones that seemed like they took forever to read off, are for Yasmin. Her torch is extinguished and she steps gingerly down the walk of shame in her dirty, disgusting high heels. 




Guess what? Dread Russell voted for Yasmine, too.

Next time? Sea slug guts, rain, and more thin ice with Evil Russell.

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