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Amazing Race Season 15 Episode 9

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The teams left Sweden and had to travel by fairy .. ferry to Estonia. The lead that Team Globetrotters had was wasted as they had to wait over 12 hours until they could go aboard, letting all other teams catch up.

Once the teams reached Estonia they traveled to some medieval club for merchants. They used keys they were given to open the door and solve a mystery. The teams entered a dimly lit room where a bunch of medieval club members played grab ass with swords and feasted on meat and Meade. It was pretty much a Renaissance fair except the teams had to grab a candle rack from the table. The candles had numbers on them that corresponded to a room. Inside the room, the racer was given a blank scroll. If they held the paper up to the light of the candle a message appeared. Note: The message was probably written in merchant urine.

Team Montana Father and Son couldn't enter the club until they did a road block. Remember in past seasons of Amazing Race the team that faced a road block had to run all over the city and got really far behind? Not this time, the Father and Son got on a Sauna Bus with a really hot blonde Estonian chick, where they chilled partially naked and got really sweaty with her for five minutes. Best Road Block ever!

Some of the teams in the secret room had trouble reading the secret message but for the most part it wasn't a problem. The Son from Montana arrived late and didn't know what a candleabra was, but I don't blame him because I wouldn't have been able to remember my own name after sitting next to that Estonian Blonde for those 5 minutes.

The secret scroll told the teams to go to some tower in town. They ran to the tower and got their next clue. Team San Diego was in the lead and caught a taxi pretty quickly to the next location which was a bog.

Wouldn't you know it Team Globetrotters and Team Gay Brothers end up fighting over some Taxi Van, but luckily for both teams everybody could fit inside. Team Gay Brothers looked really pissy in the van and bitched about who found the van first. Team Globetrotters changed into Globetrotter uniforms to show they meant business. As far as I can tell, Gay Brothers did not take a peak at the changing basketball brothers in the back seat.

At the bogs, teams had to either play volleyball in the deep mud of the bogs or shoot radishes in with a wrist rocket sling shot at a moose sign to release cabbages into the bog. Yeah I don't know who the f made up that second challenge. I think I would have done it though because as a kid I was a pretty good shot with a sling shot, better than Dennis the Menace.

Team San Diego finished the volleyball game first and ran along a board walk to the finish. Note: Team San Diego chick refused to get all the way down to her underwears, she should be penalized a good half hour for that. Team San Diego finished in first place. Other teams that finished in first got awesome vacation prizes, they got a stupid wooden sauna, sucks to be them.

Team Globetrotters and Gay Brothers decided on Volleyball as well and finshed at about the same time. Team Globetrotters ran in the wrong direction and ended up about 100 yards behind the gay brothers. In an attempt to pass, Flighttime slipped in bog mud and took down Big Gay Brother. There was more elbowing and falling along the way, it looked really painful. Surprisingly Gay Brothers won the violent race to the finish, but the Globetrotters were seriously pissed off at the end. Phil commented, "It looks like you Globetrotters are ready to beat some ass!" or something like that.

Bringing up the rear, was Team Father and Son who were eliminated.