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Uncommon Thursday Thoughts

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  • I went Disc Golfing in Golden Gate Park over the weekend. They have a free Disc Golf course in the park, where disc golfers, hippies, drifters and stoners dwell. I hadn't played for about a year, but I found my stroke pretty quickly. I played with a friend and a poker dealer on the first 9 holes. Cops don't patrol the area or care what goes on back in the bushes, so everybody carried open containers and pipes. I hit a lot of trees, but it's kind of nice that there isn't a lot of thick brush to lose your disc in. My tomahawk chop throw was the only distance throw working for me. Pretty good time.
  • Just finished the book Born to run: A hidden Tribe, Super Athletes and the Greatest Race the World has ever seen. I was going to make it an Uncommon Sportsman book club choice but plowed through it too fast while sitting for hours in the airport. Good book about how humans are well adapted for distance running.

  • I watched some CIF High School Water Polo last night. Very competitive games. It reminds me how much I hate goalies. There is nothing to keep their ego in check. They make a save and they think they are the greatest, a goal scores and they blame the defensive players. It's never their fault.
  • I've had many discussions about which of the last too Survivor Episodes was the better blind side. I thought the blind side of Eric was much more stunning than that of Kelly, but I've found that many people feel otherwise. I was going to do a whole post on it, but I really need to watch each of the tribal counsels again to make my point and I don't have time right now. Instead let's do a poll and see where Uncommon Sportsman stand now.