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Amazing Race Season 15 Episode 10

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Team Gay Brothers steal cabs!
Team Gay Brothers steal cabs!

The final four teams left Estonia on their way to Prague. Team Interracial immediately made a poor decision. Instead of using a taxi they decided to take a bus to a subway, because someone on the plane said it would be faster. How would a bus and a subway be faster than a direct taxi drive to the destination? It wasn't. Immediately Team Interracial was in a hole.

In the Prague city square they had to find a "praggo" which was a classic convertible car. Meghan and Cheyne ran towards the car and Team Gay Brothers followed them. If not for Team San Diego, Team Gay Brothers would still be wondering around Prague yelling at each other and annoying everyone.

The next clue told them that they had to go to an outdoor adventure challenge. They were given the choice of kayaking down a man made river or climb along a horizontal wire. If you have any kind of kayak experience it probably would be faster to take the kayak, but otherwise it would turn into a mess, like it did for Team Gay Brothers. They started off talking shit to the other teams "We're going to beat you!!" and then they proceeded to flip their kayak three times in a row and falling deep into third place.

Team Gay Brothers fight and bicker with each other so much. The taller one with the neatly trimmed 5 o'clock shadow thinks he knows how to do every challenge and the short heavier one whines "shut up!" After they quit the kayaking they had to go back and attempt the wire course.

Team Interracial pulled up in their taxi and asked their driver to wait for them until they finished the challenge. They raced the wire course along side Team Gay Brothers, unfortunately they were a few minute behind. Team Gay Brothers decides to steal Team Interracial Couple's cab, by offering to pay the cab driver more. Team Gay Brothers are f'n low. They've already got a lead, but they weren't smart enough to get their own cab to wait so instead they steal. I now officially hope Team Gay Brothers lose in dramatic fashion.

I'll tell you what, Brian, the husband on Team Interracial is such a good guy. He has so much patience for his wife and takes the weak move by Team Gay Brothers in stride. He is out to show that you can with the Amazing Race by playing fair.

Meanwhile all the other teams are in a theater, where they must look under the chairs to find a really tiny instrument, no not the ones hanging between the legs of Team Gay Brothers.

Team San Diego has an early lead, but Cheyne can't seem to find anything and his girl Meghan whines "Cheyne! Cheyne find it! Cheyne look harder!" over and over again. Luckily Cheyne has learned to tune her out. Unfortunately for Big Easy on Team Globetrotters, he can't tune her out and is about to lose it.

Team San Diego finds the instrument, then Team Gay Brothers. Team Interracial enters the theater just as Team Gay Brothers are leaving. The cowardly gay brothers won't even look Brian in the eye. No words are spoken. Oh that reminds me, when Team Interracial got the clue for the theater challenge it says something like "Who has a lot of patience?" and Brian goes "That's my baby!" It cracks me up how much he believes in her because she has zero patience!

Beauty Queen really doesn't want to search beneath all the chairs and just mopes around while Brian waits patiently giving her support, that man is a saint.

Luckily for Team Interracial it was a non-elimination leg and they are still in the race next week. Whew! Hope Team Gay Brothers lose!