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Survivor 19: Samoa's First 27 Days - Week 11

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Previously on ... the first 27 days of UNCOMMON SURVIVOR; surprise, a recap episode! They tricked us. They knew we'd be all fat and happy, too full to change the channel, and they got away with it. Maybe I'll use the rest of this to share Uncommon leftover turkey recipes. 


  • So, Erik was a huge suck up. "I love you, leader!"
  • Mick is a terrible leader, jaw lines can be deceiving, apparently.
  • I'd forgotten about Ben's golden age basketball shorts. Good choice for TV.
  • Evil Russell's game plan also extends to copping feels. 
  • Laura hated Shambo from day one.
  • Everyone hides papaya from each other. Erik cut a whole tree down and hid it. Isn't there a parable that goes something like this?
  • Shambo can't build a fire, and when Dave attempts to build one, she's talking shit on him, so he builds a sweet fire. She's like a clown.
  • After the challenge where Ben was eliminated, Jaison was mad about getting pushed down and called out John. It was a good story, too bad they probably had to cut it because Ben's a jerk.
  • Erik was obsessed with catching Shambo's sprung chicken.
  • This episode is literally half over and I haven't seen Brett once. I swear he walked out of the forest.
  • It's funny now, that Dave wanted to burn Shambo early, not that Galu was losing anyway, and he tried to be diplomatic, in his own way, but he pushed her away and now she's burning them.
  • I think I could handle a web series where Erik, or a similar Ed Hardy-class douchebag, tries to catch a chicken. Chickens sound weird when they scream, too. 
  • Evil Russell letting out the chickens that night and walking around with the idol on and even talking to Dave? Those are classic pranks.
  • After Brett walked out of the jungle, he was Erik's puppy and his plan was to fly under the radar. He's camouflage. 
  • Shambo is a bummer. Let's try to bond over cancer and then I'll cry on you. At least Laura pretended to be her friend until the clouds blocked out her sunlight. Shambo couldn't even pretend to be friendly back, that is not how you play.
  • I think Natalie and Evil Russell have the strongest alliance of anyone, but probably because she's completely dependent on him.
  • Weird, Shambo educated Monica on how to play Survivor, and she actually did it right!
The first letter of each bulleted sentence above represents the recipe to an excellent leftover turkey soup. Enjoy. Next time, God tells Shambo to vote out Dave.